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1. Rainbow Sports

2. Rainbow Star Television

3. Rainbow eSports

4. Rainbow Star Sponsorship - is a community of thousands of youth sports organizations and millions of families across the country. If you are a sponsor that wants to reach teams through this community channel, talk to us. By joining the membership network, you automatically become eligible to receive sponsorships and it is a FREE one-time process and takes a couple of minutes to complete.

5. Rainbow Placement

5. Development through International Tourism, education, culture exchange

Rainbow Sports

Analysis for development is the process by which coaches and players review video footage of practices and games to improve the players' performance or to prepare them for future opponents. Often the team needs to adjust its strategy against a new opponent before every game. analysis is also be helpful in improving the mechanics of an individual player as well. 

you can analyse / review your performance results with your coach at any time. 

assessment or coaching by officials or self assessment by referees,  to assist referees and assessors in reviewing their game and help improve their performance

Sporting organisations use video analysis in coaching and official accreditation programs for assessment of coaches or officials in remote locations. Some sporting teams are even using video analysis to analyze the referees or umpires who control their games in an effort to adjust their play to anticipate decisions that the referee might make in the game.

Assisting you to obtain the best performance from your team every time you enter the playing field SportsCam produces sports video's for

teams and individual who want to win. By viewing, reviewing and analysing their game and individual performance through video players and teams can change their techniques, tactics and approach to future games improving there performance with every outing.

Rainbow Star TV

Often games are not recorded or viewed on television. We offer quality videos that can be viewed by the television sports channels or on youtube online..

Rainbow eSports

electronic sports games for players, parents and coaches

Rainbow Star Sponsorships

We do not guarantee sponsorships but we will inform you when there is local, national, or international spnsor interested in sponsoring each registered team or player. You may decide to use our fund raising platform to raise funds for your community, team, association or for whatever cause.

Rainbow Star Placements

We will assist in the placement of individuals who perform above average to play and study abroad. This process will require both good academic and above average sport performance. Once a player is registered, we build a profile of each player. The profile can then be exported as a CV.  Agents, recruiters will access your CV/ RESUME to see your performance.  This will not just be a letter CV/ RESUME but a full profile with video game performance statistics since you joined our program.

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